Amazon offers vehicles, $ 100,000 money bonuses to vaccinated staff


Amazon was giving away cars and $ 100,000 cash bonuses to a handful of vaccinated warehouse workers as part of its ongoing raffle to encourage employees to vaccinate.

Four warehouse workers and one Whole Foods employee received cars worth up to $ 40,000 after providing evidence of Covid-19 vaccination, the company said in an Instagram post on its “Amazon Vest Life” on Monday -Account with who disseminates news and lifestyle content for customer personnel.

Last week, three warehouse and whole foods employees received $ 100,000 for vaccination, Amazon said in a separate Instagram post.

Amazon launched a sweepstakes in August to reward employees who received the Covid-19 vaccine and to encourage holdouts to get their vaccinations. It’s called “Max Your Vax,” and it’s a chance for employees to win cars, a week of paid time off with a $ 12,000 vacation package, and $ 100,000 and $ 500,000 cash rewards.

According to Amazon, a total of 18 prizes worth nearly $ 2 million will be awarded this month through October 21. In order to participate, the employees prove via an internal website that they are fully vaccinated.

Amazon believes vaccination is vital for employees to keep themselves and the communities safe. Amazon has hosted more than 1,500 on-site vaccination events for employees and their families, the company added.

Amazon hasn’t required its frontline workers to get vaccinated, but this sweepstakes kick-start to promote vaccination. Amazon has also offered bonuses of up to $ 100 to employees and new hires who provide proof of vaccination.

Amazon is committed to getting hundreds of thousands of frontline workers vaccinated as the Covid Delta variant is rapidly spreading around the world. The company has resumed some previously in place coronavirus security measures, including mask mandates in U.S. camps. Additionally, Amazon is working to resume its coronavirus testing program at its warehouses after the on-site testing facilities closed, the Seattle Times reported.