Apple reviews a 50% year-over-year enhance in iPhone gross sales


Enlarge / The Apple Park campus is shown in this aerial photo taken in October 2019 over Cupertino.

In one of the slowest growth quarters in any given year, Apple today reported a nearly 50 percent year-over-year increase in iPhone sales, along with other positive numbers that exceeded analysts’ expectations. The numbers were released today as part of Apple’s quarterly earnings report.

Overall, Apple had sales of 81.41 billion US dollars in the third quarter of 2021, an increase of 36 percent over the previous year. IPhone sales were $ 39.57 billion (up 49.78 percent) and services were $ 17.48 billion (up 33 percent).

The Mac and iPad also grew, albeit to a lesser extent. The Mac grossed $ 8.24 billion, up 16 percent year over year, while the iPad grossed $ 7.37 billion, 12 percent.

The other big number is Apple’s “other product” sales, which mainly include wearables like Apple Watch and AirPods. That category produced $ 8.77 billion – more than the Mac or iPad – for 40 percent year-over-year growth.

Analysts believe Apple’s ongoing rally is partly due to the global focus on home work and remote classrooms, which has continued despite the global COVID-19 pandemic moving into new phases in some regions.


For the sixth quarter in a row, Apple has not issued a forecast for the next quarter. Typically, companies like Apple give investors a general forecast of their likely development for the next quarter, which is only just beginning when these earnings reports are released.

But Apple has refused to do so since the pandemic began, stating that various related factors make reliable predictions about the future too difficult.

However, Apple is expected to introduce several new products, including new iPhones, in the next quarter. However, neither analysts nor Apple expect 2021 to be as big a jump in iPhone sales year-on-year as 2020, which was considered a “super cycle” year due to various factors. Additionally, Apple executives warned that iPhone and iPad delivery bottlenecks could be an issue that could affect the company’s earnings in the next quarter.

Other developments that could boost Apple’s sales in the coming quarter include a new Apple Watch, an updated version of AirPods, and powerful Macs like the 16-inch MacBook Pro with an updated variant of Apple’s specially designed M1 chip.