Buffalo Payments followers may find yourself in Amazon advertisements


2:08 p.m. ET

  • Alaina GetzenbergESPN

BUFFALO – Amazon wants to pay a Buffalo resident to jump through a table. Serious.

Casting Buffalo ran an ad on Facebook looking for actors to play in a new Amazon commercial. The agency casts for a variety of Buffalo Bills fan roles, from young to old. One of these key parts involves doing some stunt work as a table jumper.

In the description for a table diver is a “die-hard fan, eccentric, goofy, all they care about is winning the Buffalo Bills”. Experience in table jumping is “recommended”. The selected person will also have a line: “Staaat that.” The salary is $ 550 for 12 hours of work. Video audits are part of the application.

A lucky Bills fan could crash through a table in an Amazon commercial. Photo courtesy Jason Hahl

Bills fans are known for their tailgating, including jumping through plastic tables before games outside the Highmark Stadium. These celebrations have received increasing national attention, largely due to the team’s recent success.

Availability is requested on October 5th or 6th.

The Bills beat the Miami Dolphins 35-0 on Sunday, improving to 1-1.