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Elon Musk says Tesla Model S plaid could launch in China in March


Tesla Model S plaid

Courtesy: Tesla

Tesla CEO Elon Musk has announced that the company’s Model S plaid could hit the market in China early next spring.

When asked late on Sunday evening on Twitter about when the electric sedan will be coming to China, Musk replied “probably around March”.

Tesla did not immediately respond to a CNBC request for more information.

With more than 1.4 billion people, China is the largest electric car market in the world. It is home to several other electric vehicle manufacturers, including Xpeng and Nio.

Tesla launched the Model S plaid this June, which cost $ 129,990.

The car has a range of 520 miles and can reach speeds of up to 200 miles per hour (320 kilometers per hour).

When the car hit the market, Musk said it would be “faster than Porsche but safer than Volvo”.

That summer in the United States, a new Tesla Model S plaid caught fire while the driver was behind the wheel.

Tesla shares in New York rose 0.36% in pre-market trading Monday to $ 1,161.

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