Google Play will obtain necessary app knowledge safety labels in April 2022


  • Scroll down an app listing on Google Play and you will soon see this new privacy section.


  • Tap that and you’ll get this page detailing what data apps collect and how it’s stored.


  • You can tap on each item for more details.


In iOS 14, Apple added a “Privacy” section to the App Store, which asks app developers to list the data they have collected and how they are used. Google – which was one of the biggest targets of Apple’s privacy nutrition labels and delayed app updates for months to avoid compliance – is now mimicking the feature for Google Play.

Google posted a demo of what the Privacy & Security section of Google Play will look like, and it has everything you’d expect if you’ve been browsing the App Store lately. There is information about what data apps collect, whether the apps pass the data on to third parties and how the data is stored. Developers can also explain what the data will be used for and whether data collection is required in order to use the app. The section also lists whether the data it collects is encrypted or not, whether the user can delete the data, and whether the app follows Google’s “family” policy (so all the usual COPPA stuff).

The privacy section of Google Play will be mandatory for all developers in April 2022, and from October, Google says developers will be able to start entering information into the Google Play Console “for review”. Google also says that in April all apps will have to deliver a privacy policy, even if they don’t collect any data. Apps that don’t have an “approved” privacy section by April may have their app updates denied or their app removed.

Google says, “Developers are responsible for providing accurate and complete information in their security area.”

All of this information is basically just on the honor system, and on iOS developers have already been caught falsifying their privacy badges.

Entry image from Google Play