Home windows Film Maker Redux? Microsoft acquires the web-based video editor Clipchamp


Microsoft hasn’t updated its old Windows Movie Maker software since 2012 and hasn’t even offered the old version for download since 2017. Hopefully that situation will change thanks to Microsoft’s acquisition of Clipchamp, a web-based video editing tool. Clipchamp comes with a variety of built-in templates for family video editors, Twitch and YouTube streamers, and businesses creating ads or other branded videos.

Microsoft hasn’t made specific announcements about where or how Clipchamp will be integrated into its products, but it did hint that the app “is a natural addition to augmenting the cloud-based productivity experiences in Microsoft 365,” which implies that the web version is a Part of Microsoft’s subscription service in the future. Clipchamp is “also suitable for Microsoft Windows”, which currently only offers very simple video editing via the integrated photos app. Microsoft’s current tools are definitely not up to the level of iMovie that Apple offers macOS, iOS, and iPadOS users for free.

Whatever comes of the Clipchamp acquisition, it won’t be in the first version of Windows 11 when it releases October 5th, the barebones version on Windows 10.