Ladies’s Boxing Pound For Pound Leaderboard – Amanda Serrano Gaining Floor However The place Does She Land?


Katie Taylor and Amanda Serrano shone in recent unanimous wins, each cementing their place in the ESPN women’s pound-for-pound rankings.

Taylor (19-0, 6 KOs), 35, of Bray, Ireland, defended her undisputed lightweight championship with a dominant win over Jennifer Han (18-4-1, 1KO) on September 4th in Leeds, England. All three judges – Luigi Boscarelli, Phil Edwards and Leszek Jankowiak – had 100-89 for Taylor.

Serrano (41-1, 30 KOs), 32, from Brooklyn, New York, via Puerto Rico, dominated Yamileth Mercado (18-3, 5 KOs) in Cleveland on August 29 for her WBC and WBO featherweight titles To defend . Serrano made up ground for Claressa Shields in second place, but it wasn’t enough to climb up.

“Taylor and Amanda Serrano both did well, but what keeps me from making them number 1 on my list is they have to fight each other,” said ESPN boxing analyst and former two-division champion Timothy Bradley Jr. “Make the fight happen and the winner will, without question, be my # 1 pound-for-pound fighter.”

ESPN boxing writer Nick Parkinson agrees, saying Serrano’s two wins in 2021 make a strong case for her to rank higher.

“Serrano will probably have to beat Taylor or Taylor will have to lose to finish first on my list,” said Parkinson. “Shields has a truck full of junior middleweight and middleweight world title belts while Taylor holds all four lightweight world titles. Serrano, who holds two of the most important featherweight titles, is simply outnumbered by belts and recent big wins.” Shields and Taylor, who both took first place in 2021. Taylor has beaten tough opponents like Natasha Jonas and Delfine Persoon in the last year or so and helped her secure that top spot.

“But Serrano is picking up pace, making a proposed fight with Taylor in 2021 difficult and ending all arguments over who is the best pound-for-pound fighter in women.”

ESPN’s Kel Dansby decided to keep Shields as his # 1 fighter and found her dominance in all of her professional fights.

“Shields keeps her place at the top of my list. A foray into MMA has kept Shields from being as active as Taylor and Serrano, but their accolades remain second to none,” said Dansby. “Shields remains the only undisputed two-division champion of the four-belt era, man or woman, and she has dominated three divisions since she turned pro. While Katie Taylor made several appearances in the defense of her undisputed title Having been marginalized, Shields has barely “lost laps in their title bouts.”

Who else made it into the top 10? Here is the list:

Note: Results will be available until September 7th.

1. KATIE TAYLOR Previous ranking: No. 1

RECORD: 19-0, 6 KOs
DIVISION: Lightweight (undisputed champion)
LAST BATTLE: W (UD10) Jennifer Han, September 4th

2. CLARESSA SHIELDS Previous ranking: No. 2

RECORD: 11-0, 2 KOs
DIVISION: Junior middleweight and undisputed middleweight champion
LAST BATTLE: W (UD10) Marie Eve Dicaire, March 5th

3. AMANDA SERRANO Previous ranking: No. 3

RECORD: 41-1-1, 30 KOs
DIVISION: Uniform list of titles in featherweight
LAST BATTLE: W (UD10) Yamileth Mercado, Aug 29

4. JESSICA MCCASKILL Previous ranking: No. 4

RECORD: 10-2, 3 KOs
DIVISION: Welterweight undisputed champion
LAST BATTLE: W (UD10) Cecilia Braekhus, March 13th

5.MIKAELA MAYER Previous ranking: No. 5

RECORD: 15-0.5 KOs
DIVISION: Junior lightweight title list
LAST BATTLE: W (UD10) Erica Farias, June 19th
NEXT FIGHT: TBA vs. It was Hamadouche

6.DOLFINE PERSOON Previous ranking: No. 6

RECORD: 45-3, 18 KOs
DIVISION: lightweight
LAST BATTLE: W (UD10) Elena Gradinar, July 3rd
NEXT FIGHT: November 1st against TBA

7. CHRISTINA HAMMER Previous ranking: No. 7

RECORD: 26-1, 12 KOs
DEPARTMENT: Middleweight
LAST BATTLE: W (KO7) Sanna Turunen, December 20th

8. CECILIA BRAEKHUS Previous ranking: No. 8

RECORD: 36-2, 9 KOs
DIVISION: Welterweight
LAST BATTLE: L (UD10) Jessica McCaskill, March 13

9. TERRI HARPER Previous ranking: 8

RECORD: 11-0-1, 6 KOs
DIVISION: Junior lightweight title list
LAST FIGHT: W (TKO9) Katharina Thanderz, November 14th

10. SENEISA ESTRADA Previous ranking: 10

RECORD: 21-0.8 KOs
DIVISION: Junior Flyweight Title List
LAST BATTLE: W (UD10) Tenkai Tsunami, July 9th

The formula

The ranking is based on a descending point system, with one vote for first place receiving 10 points, one vote for second place receiving nine points, and so on.

Other votes received: Savannah Marshall (8), Layla McCarter (5), Hyun Choi (5), Yamileth Mercado (1), Chantelle Cameron (1), Yesica Bopp (1).

This is how our experts voted

Timothy Bradley Jr .: 1st Shields, 2nd Taylor, 3rd Serrano, 4th McCaskill, 5th Hammer, 6th Mayer, 7th Harper, 8th Estrada, 9th Braekhus, 10th Persoon

Nick Parkinson: 1st Taylor, 2nd Serrano, 3rd Shields, 4th McCaskill, 5th Braekhus, 6th Persson, 7th Hammer, 8th Mayer, 9th Estrada, 10th Cameron

Michael Rothstein: 1st Taylor, 2nd Shields, 3rd Serrano, 4th McCaskill, 5th Persoon, 6th Mayer, 7th Hammer, 8th Harper, 9th Braekhus, 10th Estrada

Michelle Joy Phelps: 1st Taylor, 2nd Shields, 3rd Serrano, 4th McCaskill, 5th Mayer, 6th Braekhus, 7th Harper, 8th Marshall, 9th Estrada, 10th Persoon

Salvador Rodriguez: 1st Taylor, 2nd Shields, 3rd Serrano, 4th McCaskill, 5th Persoon, 6th Mayer, 7th Estrada, 8th Harper, 9th Braekhus, 10th Marshall

Bernardo Pilatti: 1st Taylor, 2nd Serrano, 3rd Shields, 4th McCaskill, 5th Hammer, 6th McCarter, 7th Persoon, 8th Mayer, 9th Estrada, 10th Mercado

Charlie Moynihan: 1st Taylor, 2nd Serrano, 3rd Shields, 4th McCaskill, 5th Hammer, 6th Choi, 7th Mayer, 8th Persoon, 9th Braekhus, 10th Bopp

Kel Dansby: 1st Shields, 2nd Taylor, 3rd Serrano, 4th McCaskill, 5th Persoon, 6th Mayer, 7th Marshall, 8th Harper, 9th Estrada, 10th Hammer

ESPN expert survey

First place: Taylor (6), shields (2)

Second place: Shields (4), Taylor (2), Serrano (2)

Third place: Serrano (6), shields (2)

Fourth place: McCaskill (8)

Fifth place: Hammer (3), Mayer (2), Persoon (2), Braekhus (1)

Sixth place: Mayer (3), Persoon (2), Braekhus (1), McCarter (1), Choi (1)

Seventh place: Hammer (2), Harper (2), Mayer (1), Persoon (1), Estrada (1), Marshall (1)

Eighth place: Harper (3), Mayer (2), Persoon (1), Estrada (1), Marshall (1)

9th place: Braekhus (4), Estrada (4)

10th place: Persoon (2), Hammer (1), Estrada (1), Mercado (1), Marshall (1), Cameron (1), Bopp (1)