Lamar Jackson says he would not take into consideration previous losses because the Baltimore Ravens put together for Patrick Mahomes, Kansas Metropolis Chiefs


OWINGS MILLS, Md. – Before the Sunday night showdown, Baltimore Ravens quarterback Lamar Jackson downplayed his winless record against Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes.

Jackson is 0-3 against Mahomes – lost to him in each of the past three seasons – while playing 30-5 (0.857) against the rest of the NFL. This is the fifth case in the past 25 years of an NFL MVP quarterback losing his first three starts to another MVP quarterback, according to ESPN Stats & Information Research.

“It’s not about me and Mahomes,” Jackson said after training on Wednesday. “Not for me, probably for everyone else. But it’s the Ravens versus the Kansas City Chiefs.”

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Mahomes won the NFL MVP in 2018, and Jackson followed suit in 2019, becoming the league’s second unanimous selection. The only quarterbacks to lose their first four starts to another MVP quarterback were Peyton Manning and Matt Ryan. Both did this against Tom Brady.

Jackson is linked to Ryan for worst odds in head-to-head matches in NFL MVP quarterbacks with at least three such starts. Ryan, who is 5-0 to Brady, will face the seven-time Super Bowl champion again when the Atlanta Falcons visit the Tampa Bay Buccaneers on Sunday.

In last season’s 34-20 loss to the Chiefs, Jackson threw for the worst 97 yards of his career. He then called Kansas City “our kryptonite”.

“They hit us three times or whatever, but that’s a thing of the past,” Jackson said on Wednesday. “I’m not thinking about these losses. We’ll come on Sunday evening and we’ll play.”

In three games against the Chiefs, Jackson completed 52.6% of his throws, averaging 170.3 yards per game. He has thrown three touchdowns without interceptions, for a rating of 78.8.

In 35 games against the rest of the NFL, Jackson has made 65.3% of his passes, an average of 192 yards in each game. He has recorded 65 touchdown passes and 18 interceptions for a rating of 104.97.

Baltimore Pro Bowl cornerback Marlon Humphrey admitted the Chiefs recently had the Ravens number.

“The way you change it is to approach it the way it is: look at it directly, go into the game and just try to beat it,” said Humphrey. “It’s a great opportunity for us to go out on Sunday night and show that we’re one of them on the field.”