Like pixels to my ears: the Asus headset makes use of mini LEDs to animate the ear cups



Since a gaming headset sits on top of your head (where you can’t see it), how it looks isn’t that important. But that hasn’t stopped headset makers from shining their products. Plus, if you’re livestreaming on camera or talking to your teammates, you might want to spice things up with pink cat ears or RGB-infused ear cups. The Asus ROG Delta S Animate offers gamers who want to put on a show a new, pixel-powered variant.

Asus has placed its AniMe Matrix Custom Lighting Design System on both ear cups of the Delta S Animate. Mini LEDs fill the room and light up to indicate preset or custom effects selected through Asus’ free Armory Crate software. An Asus spokesman told Ars Technica that the ROG Delta S Animate has over 100 mini LEDs per auricle. Until this week, the AniMe Matrix was only available on select Asus Zephyrus gaming laptops. Asus’ decision to continue offering the feature in new PCs – and now in a new category – shows that the company sees interest in the concept.

Would you like ghosts to fly over the auricle pixel by pixel before they turn into a pumpkin? Why not?From the patch to your headset.

From the patch to your headset.


Are you feeling flirtatious? A dot matrix heart will convey your feelings to everyone within sight of your side profile.How romantic.

How romantic.


You can also program the mini-LEDs to respond to your voice, the louder you speak, the more intense the effect. The mini LEDs can respond to how loud you speak. Enlarge / The mini LEDs can respond to how loud you speak.


I tried this soundwave function with the Asus ROG Delta S headset, which has RGB LEDs around the ear cups. It worked fine there, even if the colors on my webcam looked a bit faded. Hopefully the tiny LEDs in the new Asus headset are bright enough to be visible in different lighting environments (Asus didn’t share a brightness specification).


You can even create your own animation by uploading an image to the software (Asus recommends a white one) and then playing around with specifics like brightness, contrast, and delay times. You can also program the mini-LEDs to scroll through words.Get your message across. Enlarge / Get your message across.


A dedicated button on one of the ear cups lets you toggle the animations on and off, and you can also adjust the volume and toggle the microphone with on-ear controls.

Asus ROG Zephyrus G14.Enlarge / Asus ROG Zephyrus G14.

The headset weighs 0.68 lbs and the D-shaped ear cups are lined with your choice: leather or a combination of leather and mesh.

Asus seems to have paid attention to audio quality too, adopting the specs of its impressive Delta S headphones. The new headset’s 50mm neodymium drivers are standard on modern gaming headsets, but the frequency response of the cans is higher than the typical 20-20,000 Hz, peaking at 40,000 Hz. An impedance of 32 ohms is a bit too higher than the 30 ohms we often see in gaming headsets.

The upcoming peripheral includes USB-C for future-proofing and USB-A for versatility. It also supports Hi-Res music with a Hi-Fi ESS 9821 Quad-DAC and built-in Master Quality Authenticated (MQA) renderer.

If you want to add some flair to your skull, this headset could be a unique way to do it. Asus said the ROG Delta S Animate will be available for $ 250 in mid to late December.

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