Manny Machado of San Diego Padres, Fernando Tatis Jr


SAN DIEGO – Padres All-Stars Manny Machado and Fernando Tatis Jr. stood side by side saying it was all well between them after their weekend shouts match in the dugout during a season that got out of hand.

Machado yelled and verbally abused Tatis during their face-to-face confrontation at the St. Louis Cardinals on Saturday night. Machado, 29, and Tatis, 22, were separated from teammates before taking up their defensive positions on the field.

The dustup came after Tatis looked and then argued the call from umpire Phil Cuzzi. Padres manager Jayce Tingler was kicked out when he came out to argue for Tatis.

Machado was heard saying, “It’s not about you,” as teammate Adam Frazier and a Padres coach led Tatis away from the angry third baseman.

The Padres took a 2-0 lead in the 3-2 loss on Saturday night and were swept 2-8 in the three-game series on a trip that seriously damaged their hopes for a return to the postseason.

Ahead of Tuesday night’s home game against the National League West-leading San Francisco Giants, Machado called Tatis “my little brother” and added, “We will always be together, no matter what. We have been together here for many years” to move forward. That’s done and said. He has to go. We also have to go as a team. We will try that in the next 13 days. “

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The Padres had a lead for second wildcard place on September 9th. They were then swept in three games with the Los Angeles Dodgers, split a series of four games in San Francisco and lost three games in a row in St. Louis – and lost 6-5 to the Giants on Tuesday night.

San Diego are now five games behind St. Louis for the second wildcard, with the Philadelphia Phillies half a game ahead of the Padres and the Cincinnati Reds one game ahead.

When asked for his opinion on what happened on Saturday night, Tatis said: “It happened, it’s part of baseball, it’s a part that this game creates, especially when good players are trying to win and things are not going our way Hi, I’m glad it happened. I feel like it makes us stronger if you go in and talk about it and analyze it and you just get together. “

Machado, who has a 10-year $ 300 million contract, had most of the conversations during the impromptu, three-minute availability with the media after punching training. Towards the end, when Machado kept repeating that the Padres just had to win baseball games, Tatis, who has a 14-year contract for $ 340 million, covered his face in his glove and appeared to be laughing.

Regarding the incident, Machado said it was “unfortunate that it happened in the dugout in a crucial situation for us as a team. We also have to apologize to the fans for seeing it. We have it internally as a team handled. ” . “

The Padres have been struggling since the trading deadline when they failed to add start pitching. Their rotation was badly hit by injuries, and on Tuesday they designated right-handed Jake Arrieta for use. Arrieta, 35, went 0-3 with a 10.95 ERA in four starts after being signed by the Chicago Cubs of San Diego after his release. He left the St. Louis start on Sunday with a groin injury after only having one retirement. In a corresponding step, the Padres reinstated the emergency worker Javy Guerra from the 60-day list of injuries.

Their offense has also sometimes disappeared in seemingly uninspired sections, making them look like the opposite of the fun-loving team that played with bragging at the start of the season.

“We’re the leaders of this organization, this team, so with the pressure to try to win, the emotions that run through everything, Fernando over here who’s about to win the MVP, we have a team,” that is trying to compete and get into the World Series, we haven’t played great baseball so emotions come into play and it always overwhelms us, “said Machado, who faced Homer twice in the Tuesday night loss.” Those are situations that we learn as managers, as a team, as an organization and we simply get better out of it. “

Machado said they would put the shelter aside forever.

“We’re here to take the distraction off the team,” he said. “We have bigger fish to fry. We have bigger things to worry about now than worrying about something that isn’t a big deal. We’re going to go out and play baseball. We have 13” We have to try and win them all to get where we want to be. “

The Padres ended a 13-year playoff drought during the 2020 season curtailed by the pandemic, beating the Cardinals in the wildcard round before being swept into the divisional series by eventual World Series Champion Dodgers.

While Tatis had the interview for NL MVP, he has had a season of ups and downs and was even moved from the shortstop – where he started the All-Star game – to the outfield due to a recurring left shoulder injury. He was recently back on the shortstop after fellow All-Star colleague Jake Cronenworth broke a finger, but Tatis was back in midfield on Sunday making a brutal mistake that resulted in a five-time first inning in the 8-7 win of St. Louis led.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.