Samsung pill leak exhibits notched show, identical to the brand new Macbook Professional


Enlarge / Samsung tablet or the top half of a Macbook Pro?

Everyone saw the MacBook Pro announcement last week, right? Apple made the controversial design decision to bring the iPhone notch into some of its laptops to minimize the space on the bezel but introduce an awkward cutout in the display area. Now Samsung is apparently working to bring the same idea to tablets. Reliable leaker Steve Hemmerstoffer, aka “OnLeaks,” did renders of the Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra design, and it basically looks like someone cut off the top half of a MacBook Pro, complete with that weird notch.

According to OnLeak, the base model S8 Tab will be an 11-inch tablet, a “Galaxy Tab S8 +” will be 12.4 inches and this notched giant, the Tab S8 Ultra, will have a 14.6-inch display . The renderings only cover the Ultra model. The design of the base S8 has been leaked in a separate post and shows a more traditional design with slightly thicker bezels that house a camera module. The Ultra model has two rear cameras, a USB-C port, four speakers and no headphone jack.


That's some thin bezels.  I'm not sure where to keep this thing. Enlarge / That’s some thin bezels. I’m not sure where to keep this thing.

As usual, Hemmerstoffer’s information is based on CAD files covering the location of everything (including that crazy notch), but some of the finer details could be different. This report notes that there will be magnetic connectors on the left side of the frame, but it is not clear what these will look like.

Notching a tablet is a pretty strange idea. Has anyone asked for smaller bezels than what you get in something like the leaked S8 Tab design? You’re holding a tablet by the bezels, so the target shouldn’t be a zero-bezel device like a smartphone. However, the move will get Samsung some attention.

We’re currently overdue for the launch of a flagship Samsung tablet – the Galaxy S7 Tab, which launched last August, so the S8 Tab line should hit every month.