Spotify Cancels Plans to Assist AirPlay 2 Irritating iPhone Customers


Enlarge / Spotify and Apple Music on an iPhone in 2018.

Getty Images | Stockcam

iPhone users have been asking for Spotify to add AirPlay 2 support for ages, but yesterday Spotify informed users that they shouldn’t expect the feature to be added anytime soon.

AirPlay 2 was added to iOS more than three years ago, and users have been asking for Spotify to support it for many months. It offers lower latency, multiroom support and Siri integration. Apple provides ways for developers to connect experiences with it, and sometimes works directly with prominent app developers who want to implement it. Many other major audio apps on iPhone support it. AirPlay 2 is also available in several non-Apple products, such as: B. newer televisions from manufacturers like Samsung and LG.

In a thread requesting the feature on Spotify’s official community discussion forums (originally discovered by MacRumors), a Spotify representative posted the following message:

Hello everyone,

We have discussed this idea internally and while we are working on providing adequate support for AirPlay2 we have decided to close it down for now.

The reason is that due to audio driver compatibility issues, this seems like a bigger project that we won’t be able to complete anytime soon.

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If you’ve been following both Apple and Spotify for the past few years, this news may not surprise you. Apple Music and Spotify are vying for supremacy in the streaming music market, and Spotify has filed antitrust complaints against Apple, alleging that Apple imposes restrictions on its devices and software that favor its own services and that Apple favors its own apps over competing alternatives the app store.

In the past, Spotify would not have been able to support many of the platform-specific features of the iPhone as they were reserved for Apple’s own services or select partnerships. However, since then Apple has lifted many of those restrictions and provided tools and documentation to help third-party apps work closely with Apple ecosystem features like Siri, AirPlay, and HomePod.

Users can still use the original version of AirPlay from Spotify. And if they’re using an Apple device to run Spotify, they can use OS-level AirPlay 2 support to access some of the potential AirPlay 2 benefits using Spotify’s web, mobile, or desktop apps.