The newest iPad mini has a refined scrolling drawback


Enlarge / The 6th generation iPad mini.

Andrew Cunningham

Apple’s newest iPad mini was unveiled to the public on Friday, and over the weekend, users started complaining about a subtle scrolling issue with using the tablet in portrait orientation (MacRumors has a good summary post). The tablet appears to refresh the left and right halves of the screen at slightly different speeds, creating a subtle but noticeable “jelly scroll” effect. The Verge’s Dieter Bohn recorded a slow motion video demonstrating the problem.

The problem is so subtle that we didn’t notice it when we tested the Mini for our review, but our review unit actually appears to be suffering from the same problem. It is most noticeable when scrolling up and down a web page or document relatively slowly – the left side of the screen seems to lag behind the right side just enough that paragraphs of text appear rubbery and shaky to the careful eye.

In our tests, the problem appears to affect the landscape screen, where the left and right halves of the screen become the top and bottom halves of the screen. But horizontal scrolling is much less common than vertical scrolling in most apps, which makes the effect less obvious. Some users have reported that they may not even notice the problem in landscape mode.

It’s not clear if this problem is caused by the iPad mini’s hardware or if it is something that Apple can fix with a software update. We asked the company for a comment and will update this post when we receive a response.