Why airport security is so slow and how the TSA is trying to fix it


There was a time when getting through airport security was quick and easy. But security clearance became much more thorough after the Transportation Security Administration was created after the 9/11 attacks.

Unbearably long lines are common, especially when traveling on vacation, as millions of people pass through TSA checkpoints every day. The security process at the airport has developed slowly, despite technological improvements such as millimeter wave imaging and CT scanners. But that may change soon.

Delta, JetBlue, and American Airlines are some of the US airlines starting to test facial recognition for boarding and TSA checkpoints. The TSA is also working with companies to develop better screeners so passengers don’t have to take anything out of their luggage and keep their shoes on.

“It’s a TSA initiative to have a streamlined approach to the checkpoint,” said Bill Frain, CEO of Liberty Defense. “The goal is to integrate it into the existing body scanners that are available today. So you can go inside, keep your shoes on and use the full recognition ability from your shoes upwards. “

Watch the video to see how far we’ve come in airport security and how the TSA and airlines are trying to speed airport security while making it safer.