With the brand new multi-user assist, Google TV features lastly make sense


After its launch in October last year, Google TV is finally getting one of the most requested functions: support for multi-user profiles.

Google TV is an overhaul and rebranding of Google’s Android TV operating system – it’s Android, but optimized for TVs with a big-screen user interface. There are still some Android TV boxes on the market right now, but Google is reportedly planning to phase out the Android TV brand by 2022 in order to use the Google TV branding everywhere. Google TV is the next version of Android TV.

Google TV’s flagship is the new home screen, built around a content recommendation engine. Instead of the usual grid of streaming app icons, Google TV shows the programs themselves on the home screen, prioritizing the essentials – the content – and overriding which service they come from. The problem with the recommendation approach of Google TV is that the system has been without profile support for an entire year, so each user of the TV has an impact on the individual list of recommended content.


With multi-user support, the Google TV home screen finally makes sense. Streaming Sesame Street by a kid will not clash with streaming Squid Game by an adult. Users get their own recommendations. Multi-user support also means that the Google TV watchlist is now tracked for individual users. In addition, profiles get access to their personal Google account information through the Google Assistant, so you can ask questions like “show me my calendar” and get a relevant result.

Google TVs Enlarge / The “Ambient TV” mode of Google TV.


Profile Assist also adds more personalized information to Google TV’s Ambient Mode, which is displayed when the TV is idle. Google Says, “From the latest scores to the weather, news and more – your TV will keep you updated with information based on your profile. You can even scroll through the on-screen shortcuts to jump to your photos or start playing yours Music and podcasts with just one click. “

Ambient mode is currently only available in the US, but Google says support for profiles will soon be rolling out globally on Google TVs from Sony, TCL, and the new Google Chromecast.